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Submarine Safari Tenerife


A once in a lifetime experience to a journey below the sea in one of the only 15 submarines in the world designed for comfort and for pleasure trips.The actual dive will take approx. one hour, including boarding and disembarking the submarine. Each dive has tour guide onboard who gives a comprehensive explanation on the dive and submarine. Don´t forget your camera to record this amazing event. Onboard the submarine you will be allocated your personal seat, in front of our large viewing ports (80cm/32”), ensuring total viewing pleasure to the outside underwater world. Each view port has its own TV monitor with alternative viewing angles, and a digital display panel giving continuous information about the submarine. Each guest will receive his/her own personalised Diving Certificate after the dive to show friends that you went to the bottom of the Atlantic without getting your hair wet. Dive below the unexplored waters & experience an underwater world known only to experienced divers. 

For Information or to Book: Contact us today on 01 888 7899 or via email at [email protected]