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Prague Beer Tours & Tastings


The most dedicated beer drinkers; the best lagers in the world; the birthplace of beer as we know it; no better place to try some beer than Prague!

The Czech people drink more beer than anyone in the world per capita and as such they are passionately keeping with unmatched traditions:

There is evidence that hops was being grown in the Czech lands in 850 AD. The Czechs have records of beer brewing from 990 AD, kept by Bohemian monks at Břevnov Monastery near Prague Castle. The Czechs made the world’s first golden beer in 1842, beer made at the Pilsen brewery – the birth of Pilsner and beginning of a success story that now spans the world.

Prague Beer Tours & Tastings explore millennia of continuous beer-love! Their tours & tastings offer customers the opportunity to share in the rich culture of the country.

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