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Palacio del Flamenco - Barcelona


Flamenco is a Spanish tradition that dates back centuries, but where did the word Flamenco come from? There are lots of theories but the one that has probably been most spread is the one supported by Blas Infante. This theory says that the word flamenco derives from Arabic and means "wandering peasant”. Infante believes this is the denomination that was given to the Moors who had been thrown out from Spain and remained there and mixed with the rest of the population, mainly with gypsies.

Flamenco means “original from Flandes”. The word flamenco was used as a compliment to the singer that stood out for his or her excellent singing among the Nordic singers who played in Spanish chapels and cathedrals during the XVI century. Then, by association, the singing itself was called like that. Whatever the theory, Flamenco is PASSION and at Palacio de Flamenco in Barcelona, you can watch, listen to and feel the passion in the biggest Flamenco theatre in the City.

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