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Niagara Jet Tickets and Prices


Niagara Jet Adventures (NJA) is the must-do white water and historic jet boating experience. Enjoy views of the spectacular shorelines and the majestic waves of the Devil’s Hole class 5 white water rapids. The NJA boats skim just above the swift waters of the Niagara River Gorge, followed by swirling torrent of the legendary Whirlpool, with the hair-raising 360-degree spins (known as ‘The Cowboy’) for which the jet boats are specifically designed. Tours are 60 minutes in duration.

Our extreme Jet Boats are 33ft. in length and 14ft wide. They have 3 separate power sources that when combined result in 1650 horsepower, they are specially designed for Niagara River swirling torrents and world-class Devils’ Hole white water rapids for your safety and comfort. All Jet boats are U.S. Coast Guard Certified our experienced guides are trained in the world-class rapids of Hells Canyon, Idaho. Your safety is our first priority.

Call 01 888 7899 or email [email protected] for availability and pricing.