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Grévin Museum


When you arrive, the majestic marble staircase constructed by the architect Rives in 1900 will take you to The Hall of Mirrors, a unique sound and light show, unrivalled worldwide, created for the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris, at the Trocadero. 

Gabriel Thomas, Grévin’s President at the time, was so impressed by the Hall of Mirrors that he asked its inventor, Eugène Hénard to move it to the Grévin Museum once the Exhibition had closed. 

Entirely rebuilt for its centenary in 2006, the Hall of Mirrors continues to amaze visitors, guided by Arturo Brachetti.

The magic never stops and redoubles in splendour when the lights are dimmed and the show begins: incredibly, lights and mirrors conspire in the creation of an unending illusion.

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