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Las Ventas Bullring Tour


Welcome to The Madrid Arena, The Plaza Monumental de las Ventas del Espíritu Santo, the international centre of bullfighting.
On your visit with Las Ventas Tour you will discover a place which is emblematic of the heart and soul of bullfighting, where the world’s finest matadors present their artistry and skill. We will guide around the key parts of the bullring, from the main entrance, to the tendidos, the callejón…. putting into context the three protagonists of this magnificent spectacle: the audience, the bullfighter and the bull.

The tours to Las Ventas bullring allow the visitors to discover in their own language, not only the bullring itself, but also the basics of bullfighting.

Love it or hate it, bullfighting embodies the heart and culture of Spain itself. The bullring in Madrid showcases the traditions and passion of the fight, more than 23,000 spectators thrill at the skills of the Matadors and the sheer power and beauty of the magnificent bulls.

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