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Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: La Bohème


A spectacular affair created especially for the famous harbour-top stage at Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. 

Director Andy Morton has set Mimi and Rodolfo’s romantic awakening amid the political awakening of Paris during the 1960s. 
It was a restless, joyous, idealistic period, an ideal canvas for an opera concerned with art, love and poverty. 

Designer Dan Potra has created a wintry wonderland on Sydney Harbour, with all the romance of a snow-kissed Parisian streetscape. Video projections conjure up the famous landmarks of Paris as well as graphic poster art from the period. 
The costumes reflect the changing mood of Parisian society: elegant and refined period costumes make way for the fun shapes, bold colours and bright patterns of the late 1960s. 

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