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Château de Fontainebleau


One of the greatest French châteaux, Fontainebleau is the only castle inhabited by sovereigns from the 12th to the 19 century.

Napoleon was the great restorer of Fontainebleau castle. He completely refurnished it after the Revolution abdicating thereafter in 1814. In his memoirs; he did not hesitate to refer it as the “true home of kings”. The museum that embodies this imperial past id dedicated to him today.

Fontainebleau is home to Renaissance masterpieces commissioned by Francis I, the refined interiors of Marie-Antoinette. Napoleon’s ceremonial house, the taste of Napoleon III and Eugenie.
Witness the court life of the sovereign, official and private, Fontainebleau embodies the art of French living, better than anywhere else.

The Fontainebleau palace and it’s 130 hectare gardens have been listed as world heritage by UNESCO since 1981.

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