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Dragon Tree Park - Tenerife


Situated in the North of the Island of Tenerife, Drago Park, or Parque del Drago is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing time strolling around. It is home to the famous Millennial Drago tree, said to be the oldest on the island with an age of more than 1000 years old.

It is said to measure 20 metres around the base and standing at over 17 metres tall, the tree is an impressive site and one of the main attractions of the region and legend has it that an indigenous Guanche maiden was trying to escape the grasp of an evil merchant that was pursuing her and that she ran into the tree in this forest. The story says that her blood on the tree trunk scared the merchant off the island and that the blood, to this day runs inside its trunk.

In this park of 3 hectares there are small Drago trees and cacti surrounding the Icod Drago and various flowers and plants that continue in the church square, this is a beautiful place to discover where you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

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