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Cinecittà World


Lose yourself in the wonderful world of filmmaking at Cinecittà World, Italy's first amusement park dedicated to movies. Transport yourself through time and space, becoming a part of unforgettable stories such as Ben Hur, Gangs of New York, and War of the Worlds.

Built on top of a former studio, Cinecittà World provides a fully immersive experience through exciting rides, spectacular stage shows, and authentic-looking sets. Your day begins as you enter the park through the jaws of the Temple of the Moloch, seen in the 1914 silent film Cabiria. Once past the portal, you're taken into the world of 1920s New York, with its jazz clubs, gangsters, and speakeasies.

For Information or to Book: Contact us today on 01 888 7899 or via email at [email protected]