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Jack the Ripper Walking Tours


This 2½ walking tour takes you around the infamous sights in which Jack the Ripper carried out his hideous crimes. In 1888 London’s East End witnessed the most turbulent time in its history as an insidious murderer stalked the murky streets. Now over one hundred years later you can experience the same chilling atmosphere which hung over the city in that fateful autumn, all in the presence of an expertly guided tour.
Listen to the legend of Jack the Ripper and his terrifying crimes whilst searching for the clues that lead to his capture. Can you hear the ‘Children of the Ghetto’ in the shadows? Or the stifled cries of another unfortunate victim? They still appear to resonate around Whitechapel to this day with an unnerving fortitude. The Brit Movie Tour incorporates much of the cultural influence that Jack the Ripper has had over the years and describes why he has had such an effect on the public consciousness. So why not take the plunge and delve deep into this historic route... will YOU escape the Ripper?

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