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Black light Theatre Srnec - Antologia


Black Light Theatre Srnec is the first theatre of its kind in the world. The audience was first able to see the company in the summer 1961 at the Edinburgh International Festival. The success there was unprecedented. Thus Jiří Srnec (*1931) managed to create an entirely original non-verbal theatre genre that, since the day of its foundation, enjoys success not only in Czech Republic but all over the world.

The company’s performances were seen by more than 5 million spectators and the theatre also won countless international awards.

The principle of the black light theatre is based on a new creative exploitation of a simple trick, the so-called „black cabinet“, in which the actors dressed in black using props cannot be seen against the black background from the spectators‘ perspective. The props and all the other objects become able to move and they seem to live unique lives of their own.

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