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Adler Planetarium Tickets & Prices


Looking to immerse yourself in the what is in the sky above? You can spend a full day or just an hour or two -- at The Adler. You can take in the expansive sky shows in the three full-sized theaters including the Definiti Theater, the recently renovated Samuel C. Johnson Family Star Theater, and the Grainger Sky Theater–Adler's most technologically advanced theater. 

Explore the evolution of the Universe over 13.7 billion years. In The Universe: A Walk through Space and Time, the sense of scale will leave you in awe. Begin by passing through a cosmic timeline that spans from the Big Bang to modern day, while exploding stars swirl afoot with each step through the luminous tunnel. Walking out further, the exhibit opens into various interactive stations, allowing you to control the overhead projections with the scroll of a finger on a touch screen. 

Call 01 888 7899 or email [email protected] for availability and pricing.